Product Design Support

AESI uses advanced CAD modeling to support our customers’ design needs. With seats of the major CAD software, AESI is ready to support customers’ tool design and part design requests. Leveraging our extensive manufacturing experience, AESI engineers help our customers design out problem areas and offer solutions to complicated design problems with soft trim, compression molded and vacuum formed parts.

Prototype Part Run

AESI has full capability to prototype your molded product at our facility. We have a full compression and vacuum molding work cell for your use. Many time our customers run their initial builds at our facility and ship directly to their end customer.

Service Parts

Service parts are a problem for many of our customers. We know it is difficult to stop mass production to make a few service parts off of a tool that hasn’t run in your facility for a year. AESI can run your service parts and ship to your facility for your inspection and shipment to the OEM. You can count on AESI to learn your product and process to provide worry free service parts

Low Volume Production

Perhaps you have been awarded a program that is under your minimum volume requirements. AESI has capability to produce low running product on our flexible work cell. At AESI, we look at every volume—no matter how low it is.

Emergency Production Run

In the manufacturing world, you can’t afford to be down. With a fast and flexible team & the ability to retrofit your tooling quickly, AESI can expeditiously be running your product to keep you from a shut-down situation. AESI can also bridge the gap between your start of production and your capital installation—our flexibility is your asset to leverage.