Product Listing
Compression and Vacuum Mold Tooling – CNC Cut, Cast and Epoxy

Advanced Engineering produces compression and vacuum tooling to meet your specification. AESI leverage technology and knowledge to turn your ideas into functional and efficient tools for your plant.

CNC Cut Master Models

CNC cut master models to provide customers with a physical model to represent a product or the mating surfaces of a product.

Check Fixtures

AESI builds gages & check fixtures to your specification. AESI gages are simple and repeatable—ideal for in-plant line-side applications.

Trim Tooling – Water Jet, In-mold Cutting and 3-D Trimming

AESI helps customers to develop processes that meet cycle time and tolerances expected by the OEM. Our capability to offer a variety of cutting tooling makes it easy for customers to source the molding and trimming tooling to one source—making the tooling build a one stop process.

Assembly and Automation Fixtures

With significant manufacturing experience, our engineers understand the demands and expectations of the manufacturing environment—Nothing is more important than this in assembly and automation design. AESI using advanced CAD modeling to develop concepts with our customers and then build and run-off the equipment on our plant floor. Often, our customers build their initial runs of product at AESI.